Grimes Releases 7 Music Videos In One Day — Watch Them All

Grimes is nothing if not prolific, but she’s raising the bar even higher than usual with her latest artistic input, dropping not one nor two but seven new music videos in a single day.

In a note posted to Twitter, the Vancouver-born musician explains that the videos were all shot over the course of two weeks while she was in Europe on her AC!D REIGN tour last spring, also creating some videos for her friend, an artist named Hana.

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“They are guerrilla-style videos, a la realiti,” she writes, referencing the “Realiti” video she released in March 2015. “There was no crew, make-up, cameras, lights. Just us and a phone, so maybe don’t expect anything too fancy. That said, we’re really proud of what we made.”

The videos (for tracks off her latest album, “Art Angels”) are, as you’d expect, a little rough around the edges, but definitely reflect the “guerilla-style” ethos she was clearly going for. Check out all seven videos and, as a bonus, a special 38-minute director’s cut compilation.





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