Drake Pays Surprise Late-Night Visit To Drake University, Students Sleep Right Through It

While on tour in Des Moines, Iowa, what are the odds that Drake could resist paying a visit to Drake University, the post-secondary institution that shares his name?

Answer: zero-point-zero. In fact, Drake made a special visit to Drake U, but disappointed fans by arriving in the dead of night, reports TMZ, even strolling down the university’s “Greek row” in search of some fans to greet — but apparently everyone must have had a big exam in the morning, because the students seemed to be fast asleep.

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In fact, students at Drake had launched a “Bring Drake to Drake” initiative, which apparently worked, just not within the daytime hours they probably expected.

To commemorate his visit, Drake posted a few pics on Instagram of his late-night college adventures, in which he wears a Drake U letterman jacket:


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When they woke up this morning, however, students saw Drizzy’s Instgram and were dismayed to learn they missed out on his visit, and produced a video asking for a do-over. Watch:



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