Jamie Oliver Urges PM Justin Trudeau To Make ‘Bold’ Move Against Childhood Obesity

Jamie Oliver’s next target in his crusade against childhood obesity is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The celebrity chef and health enthusiast is meeting with the P.M. in the hopes of taking increased action against childhood health standards in the country.

Oliver plans on discussing misleading marketing tactics, implementing a tax on high fructose drinks and improving food education in Canadian schools.

“Everyone’s watching your prime minister at the moment,” the British chef said in a Facebook Live session in front of the CN Tower on Tuesday. “Countries around the world are wondering what he’s going to do. The gossip is that he’s going to do something really, really good.”

Oliver previously urged Trudeau to make a “big brave bold” move for the health of Canadian children.

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According to Statistics Canada, nearly one-third of Canadian youth are overweight or obese.

“Canada’s a huge country, hugely culturally diverse, but there’s some massive problems right now,” Oliver continued. “This is the first generation of kids expected to live a shorter life than their parents because of the kind of diet-related disease that we’ve got around us.”

Oliver will join Conservative senator Nancy Greene Raine, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Diabetes Association at event on Thursday morning where he’ll speak in support of the “Stop Marketing to Kids Coalition.”

In August, Oliver helped pass a tax on sugary beverages in England.



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