Rob Lowe Reveals Worst Insult He’s Ever Received

Rob Lowe stops by “The Late Late Show with James Corden” to reveal the worst insult ever thrown his way.

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Turns out, the sick burn did not come by way of the verbal thrashing he received on the Comedy Central “Roast of Rob Lowe”. In fact, it wasn’t even as an adult – but as a boy.

Lowe, 52, explains the incident to Corden and fellow guest J.K. Simmons: “When I was really really young, I was on the street with my dad who still is an amazingly handsome man. A woman walked by and said ‘oh my God, you’re Ryan O’Neal,'” addressing Lowe’s father.

The woman then looked to little Rob Lowe and said: “And you are Tatum O’Neal!”

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The long-time actor wrapped up the story by exclaiming: “Okay, I get it, I’m pretty.”



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