Britney Spears Biopic Films Infamous Umbrella Meltdown Scene

The cameras were rolling on the set of Lifetime’s unauthorized Britney Spears biopic, currently filming in Vancouver.

The TV movie – which does not have the blessing of Spears – is taking creative license when it comes to recreating the singer’s infamous 2007 umbrella meltdown.

TMZ reports the Lifetime movie has moved the action of that pivotal moment in Spears’ mental breakdown at a gas station to a busy street with the singer surrounded by paparazzi. Actress Natasha Barrett, who plays the “Toxic” singer in the made-for-TV movie, filmed the umbrella scene as Brit, lashing out at photographers with an umbrella as they surrounded her before hopping into a convertible.

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In the 2007 event, a bald shaven-headed Spears was at a gas station when she jumped out of a silver sedan, swinging an umbrella at paparazzi who followed her every move. The incident led to serious concerns over the singer’s privacy and mental health, eventually resulting in her placement under the conservatorship of her father and lawyer.



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