Aww! Adele Takes A Selfie With A Chubby-Cheeked Baby At Toronto Concert

The internet could barely contain itself when Adele took a selfie with a chubby-cheeked baby this week.

The “When We Were Young” singer, who is in Toronto this week performing four sold-out concerts, posed for a selfie with a baby named Jackson and his parents, Jon and Steve, after she invited them onstage for a one-on-one moment with the superstar.

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“Luckiest baby ever! @Adele is the 8th wonder of the world,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user, meanwhile, noted, “Adele brought a couple and their baby onstage and took a selfie with them, SHE IS AN ANGEL.”

The moment was made even sweeter when Adele signed Jackson’s noise-cancelling headphones.

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