Entertainment Reporter Slams Censorship At Ben Affleck’s ‘Accountant’ Junket: ‘You’ll Never Hear Me Mention This Movie Ever Again’

Entertainment journalists typically attend junkets for new movies, with the stars on hand to promote the flicks and generally answer questions, not all of which are always tied to the film.

This is not how things went down at the junket for Ben Affleck’s latest, “The Accountant”, and veteran L.A. entertainment reporter Sam Rubin took to the airwaves to rip into the junket, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

In his segment, Rubin claimed that footage was being edited to remove potentially controversial remarks Affleck made, while a publicist interrupted his interview when he strayed off the top of the film, which he decried as “shocking” and “unprofessional.”

In his the interview, Rubin was chatting with Affleck about how he’s been targeted by tabloids when “the PR dope who is in the room actually interrupts us” (a voice in the footage can be heard asking Rubin to “stick to the film.”

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“But wait, it gets worse,” Rubin added, noting that “studio people” were editing someone else’s video because of a joke Affleck made drug use. “They were taking out a remark he had actually made of his own free will and cutting it out of the interview they were giving to somebody, because they think you might not understand it, you might not get Ben’s sense of humour, it might make him look bad.”

That level of censorship, he said, is atypical of junkets, and “shows complete contempt not only for me, but for you [the viewers].”

Had Rubin knew the junket was going to be run like that, he said, “I would never have gone to your junket. I would never have been involved with promoting a movie that’s trying to censor reporters covering the movie … you’ll never hear me mention this movie ever again.” Watch:



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