Alessia Cara Calls Out Music Industry For Sexist Bias: ‘The Bar Is Set So High For Women’

Starring alongside Maren Morris and Chance the Rapper on the cover of Billboard’s “Grammys 2017 Preview” issue, Alessia Cara sat down with the magazine and urged the music industry to show women more respect.

At only 20 years of age, Alessia Cara has become a respected voice in the crowded music industry. Whether it be through her music with such hits as “Scars To Your Beautiful” or with revealing essays about self-acceptance, Cara never fails to speak out against causes close to her heart.

When speaking with Billboard about what the industry could do better for women and artists of colour, the Brampton-born singer insisted on a kinder approach.

“One thing would be, stop trying to pit [women] against each other all the time. Why does [competition] always have to be portrayed as a feud? You don’t really see that with men,” she told the magazine. “I’d like to shut off all the noise and allow people to be creative without all the judgments and standards that we think we have to follow. The bar is set so high for women, and it doesn’t really exist for men.”

And with the U.S. presidential election coming up on November 8, politics was bound to be a topic that the outspoken group discussed. Cara, however, had no interest in broaching the subject. “I’m just going to say that I’m very lucky to be Canadian,” she said.

Watch as the cover trio of Best New Artist hopefuls discuss their favourite singers below.



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