The Arkells have just released a new video for “My Heart’s Always Yours”, the new single from the band’s latest album, “Morning Report”.

For the Hamilton, Ont., band, their latest album is the result of some musical experimentation, and several different producers.

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“We worked with four different producers on this record, each one was different, but awesome,” said the band’s Max Kerman in an interview with Aesthetic Magazine.

“We worked with some amazing studios and we got a lot of time to create in the studio and come up with really exciting ideas,” added Kerman. “I think the idea of holding up in a studio, rehearsing something for eight months, then holding up in a studio to do 12 songs over 40 days, to me that seems kind of daunting and I wasn’t going to enjoy it that much. So we did two songs in September, toured a bit, did another five in October, toured a bit, then did another five in December. Then we turned around and we had 12 songs. If you can keep this attitude, just make it about the work, work every day, be thinking about stuff, then you’ll turn around and you’ll have something to show for it. I feel like that’s the best way for us to get stuff done.”