William Shatner Pulls Plug On Awkward “Star Trek” Interview

Captain Kirk faced his greatest challenge yet — a smartphone — on a recent interview with “Good Morning Britain”.

William Shatner took part in an interview promoting the 50th anniversary of “Star Trek”. Due to technical difficulties, the Canadian actor was forced to answer questions over the phone — while chilling in a re-created USS Enterprise.

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The interview was almost immediately cringe-worthy as Shatner, 85, was apparently misinformed as to who was conducting the interview: “Neils isn’t here? They told me Neils was here… I’m getting out of this. What kind of interview is this?”

In a moment not captured in the clip above, Captain Kirk was not too impressed when asked by hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway what his favourite “Star Trek” episode was: “That is a very bizarre question. Did you do research on that?”

Adding, seemingly sarcastically, “No I’ve never been asked that before.” Turns out Shatner may not have understood the hosts were reading fan questions.

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The long-time actor cut the interview short, stating, “Lovely to chat to you… if that’s what it was.” Host Ben Shephard quipped at the end of the segment, “I need a drink.”

Shatner addressed the interview on Twitter, taking a shot at the British hosts.



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