Grumpy Dog Gets Erection On Live TV, Chaos And Laughter Ensue

Earl, the world’s grumpiest dog, got a little too excited during a live appearance on ITV’s “This Morning”.

The dog’s owners, Eric Bloomfield and Christie Bailey, appeared on the morning show via live video link to discuss the growing popularity of Earl, who has become somewhat of an internet sensation.

Show hosts asked the couple if they plan on breeding the quirky-looking canine to capitalize on his looks.

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“We’ve talked about that. Honestly, we’re leaning against it,” the couple said.  That’s when Earl got an erection.

“I think he may be ready for breeding just at the moment now I’m looking at him,” show co-shot Eamonn joked. “Maybe we just lower him down.”

The dog’s owners lowered Earl’s manhood out of view, preserving the dog’s dignity.

“He’s ready to get up and do something,” owner Bailey added.



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