Donald Trump And Howard Stern Talk About How Trump’s Daughter Is ‘A Piece Of Ass’

Donald Trump gave Howard Stern the verbal thumbs up, after the radio host described Trump’s daughter as: “a piece of ass.”

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Media outlets continued to pry open audio vaults filled with questionable statements made by the current Republican presidential candidate. In a 2006 interview with Howard Stern, for example, Trump praised his daughter’s beauty: “My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka. She’s beautiful.”

To which Stern asked: “Can I say this? A piece of ass,” Trump replied “yeah.”

CNN published a series of other statements made by the Donald over a 17-year time-frame. The subject matter includes having sex with women on their period, losing his virginity at roughly age 14, having threesomes and more.

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This news comes shortly after Trump was harshly criticized for misogynistic comments made towards current Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O’Dell in 2005.

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