Carly Simon Allows The Use Of ‘You’re So Vain’ In Anti-Trump Ad

Carly Simon is remixing her 1972 classic “You’re So Vain” as an anti-Donald Trump anthem.

For the very first time, Simon has allowed the use of her hit in a political ad, which was paid for by pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Patriotic Artists and Creatives.

Much of the song remains the same except for one classic line. The 71-year-old artist changed “your scarf it was apricot” to accommodate Trump’s tanned skin, rewriting it as “your face, it was apricot.”

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“On the eve of the next presidential debate, she is alarmed at the prospect of Donald Trump reaching the White House and has joined other creative voices in making a definitive statement,” a spokesperson for Simon shared.

Fred Goldring, who was also behind the 2008 pro-Barack Obama “Yes We Can” video, and L.A.-based entrepreneur Jon Vein are responsible for the ad.



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