Hitting theatres July 25 is the latest film incarnation of Hercules.  Of course casting the indomitable hero was a challenge, but it turns out the casting directors “smelled what The Rock was cooking”; and went with Dwayne Johnson.

Although the actor wasn’t born when Hercules first appeared on the big screen, he still thinks of Hercules as being that original actor who portrayed him: Steve Reeves.

“Even though that Hercules was made way before I was born when I was a kid growing up, I remember – I think I first saw it going to a gym in one of these hardcore gyms I would go to with my Dad – and I’d just sit around and look at posters of Arnold (Schwarzenegger) and (Lou) Ferrigno and all these guys,”; he says. “But then there was that one poster of Steve Reeves as Hercules back in the day when movie posters looked like they were painted and he was breaking free – he had these chains breaking from the pillars saying “I am Hercules’ and I just always remember that iconic look.”;

Now it’s Johnson’s turn to take on that iconic look as Hercules and while he has always seemed to be more superhuman than not (look at that body!) there’s still one reminder that he’s just a normal guy: his daughter.  “You could think you’re doing good things, you could think you’re cool – whatever – but to your kids you’re just naaah – just not,”; he reveals.

Johnson also recently wrapped Fast 7 which was an emotional but gratifying experience since losing his friend and Fast co-star Paul Walker: “I had gotten to know Paul over the years and he was really truly one of the good guys – truly as advertised one of the good guys in Hollywood. [We wanted to] make something hopefully special and hopefully something that Paul would be proud of and I think we did it. “

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~ By Jonathan Knox

Jul 15, 2014 | @TheRock shows his sensitive with @rozweston. The @HerculesMovie star reminisces about his friend Paul Walker. by ETCanada on Keek.com