Jon Voight Slams Robert De Niro Over Anti-Trump Rant: ‘I Am So Ashamed’, De Niro Calls Voight ‘Delusional’

Jon Voight has taken to Twitter to speak out against fellow actor Robert De Niro and his no-holds-barred rant against Donald Trump — but De Niro is having none of it.

“I am so ashamed of my fellow actor Bobby De Niro’s rant against Donald Trump,” Voight tweeted. “What foul words he used against a presidential nominee who has worked harder than any other man I know in the past year and a half to get a good message to the American people.”

De Niro filmed the clip as part of a PSA for Anonymous Content, which asked countless celebrities to comment on the issues they cared about most: “I mean he’s so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bulls**t artist, a mut who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

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The 77-year-old actor went on to defend Trump’s controversial comments and echoed the sentiments that Trump employed a statement issued on Friday evening.

“I don’t know of too many men who haven’t expressed some sort of similar sexual terms toward women, especially in their younger years,” Voight continued. “Donald Trump’s words were not as damaging as Robert De Niro’s ugly rant. Trump’s words did not hurt anyone. Can you imagine if any Republican said words like Robert De Niro used — against Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama? All hell would break loose.”

Voight urged Trump supporters to “express their outrage and anger against De Niro and all of the Republican turncoats against Trump,” he added. “Let Donald Trump know we are completely behind him, and may God give him the strength to continue his calling,”

De Niro went after Trump again and responded to Voight’s criticism while promoting investment in the Caribbean. He said of Trump: “This guy does not have a clue about what goes on in the rest of the world no matter what he says,” he added, according to The National newspaper.

As to Voight’s critique, De Niro kept it short: “Voight is a nice guy… But he’s delusional.”11



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