Jon Hamm Is A Real-Life Hero After Coming To His Elderly Neighbour’s Rescue

Jon Hamm is a real-life hero after coming to the rescue of his next-door neighbour.

The quick-thinking “Mad Men” star sprang into action after his 90-year-old neighbour fell off a ladder.

“I heard this ruckus next door and I looked over this wall, and he had fallen off of the ladder and threw his head onto the driveway and was bleeding all the way down the driveway,” Hamm tells The Hollywood Reporter.  “It’s this 90-year-old man. I was like, ‘What happened!'”

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Hamm quickly came to the man’s aid.

“I got him untangled from the ladder and all of the tree branches off of him,” he recalls. “And I undid his collar and I put some stuff on his head to put pressure on it.”

His rescue efforts were complicated by the fact that his neighbour didn’t speak English, but Hamm was able to help the man remain calm until an ambulance arrived.

“I was having a hard time explaining to him, ‘Breathe, breathe, breathe,'” he explains.  “He was fine, thank gawd, but it was terrifying.”

After the ordeal, Hamm has earned the respect of his neighbours for his real-life heroics.

“They like me a lot,” he adds.

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Hamm will play a different kind of neighbour in the upcoming action-comedy “Keeping Up With The Joneses”, due in theatres on October 21.  He stars alongside “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot as a pair of spies who move into a quiet  neighbourhood across the street from a suburban — and nosy — couple played by Zach Galifiankis and Isla Fisher.



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