How Bryan Cranston Found Inspiration For Walter White’s Dark Side, Imagined Slamming His Stalker’s ‘Head Against A Brick Wall’

Bryan Cranston recalled a dangerous, roller coaster relationship with his stalker ex-girlfriend, and how it echoed elements of Walter White in “Breaking Bad”.

Published in his new memoir, “A Life in Parts” Cranston discussed the influence for his character’s bloodlust — a dangerous relationship with his ex-girlfriend and the moment he realized he was capable of killing. He met a woman named Ava during an audition in the early ’80s and there was immediate chemistry: “I’ve never been into drugs — I do drink now and then, nothing out of hand — but that weekend with Ava felt like what I imagine a binge or bender must feel like. I lost track of time.”

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There were immediate warning signs, however, as Ava had a temper. Cranston said they once got into an argument during a play, but when the actor suggested they pick it up after the show Ava replied: “‘We’ll talk about it now! Don’t f**king shush me!”

He also claimed that she once tried to run him over, yelling: “F**k you a**hooooole!”

After failed attempts at ending their relationship, Cranston moved to New York for a role in the daytime soap opera “Loving” and the two finally split. Within months, however, Ava sublet an apartment in New York and demanded to meet Cranston. He unwittingly agreed and they spiralled into a short-lived romance once more: “She kissed me wildly’…and I got caught up in the moment… We were out in public, ripping each other’s clothes off.”

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The “Malcolm in the Middle” star was in the thick of it, but made the decision to kill off the relationship. This lead to Ava becoming aggressive, constantly threatening to kill him and eventually showing up at his door. Panicked and in fear, Cranston clutched a knife and was lost in his own thoughts: “[I imagined] separating from the fear. I rose and calmly walked to the door. I unlocked it.”

He then pictured himself grabbing his stalker: “I slammed her head against the wall with a metronomic consistency. Clumps of hair and bits of skin and brain matter stuck to the brick. Blood formed on the wall and then began dribbling to the floor.”

Once he awoke from his fantasy, Cranston was at peace and realized: “I understood that given the right pressures and circumstances, I was capable of anything… I think that’s true of all of us.”

The “Breaking Bad” star’s new memoir is available on Amazon.



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