Perez Hilton has never been one to mince his words, no matter how crass.

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The celebrity blogger posted a screenshot of a private conversation after apparently upsetting Angelina Jolie’s lawyers over coverage of the Brangelina divorce. Hilton was clearly off-put after allegedly being asked to edit one of his articles: “Please get this message to Angelina Jolie herself. She knows I have always been a huge fan and supporter of hers.”

Just like that, at the flip of a switch Hilton sounded off on the actress’ lawyers: “I am livid! Unless she wants to turn me into an enemy, I want an apology right now. I am not changing anything. If you want to sue me, my lawyer is Bryan Freedman and he is CC’d.”

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Capping off his rant with: “I did nothing illegal. We stand 100 percent behind our reporting. F**k you. And suck my d**k!”