‘Luke Cage’ Clips Reimagined As ‘Family Matters’ Show Intro

Netflix’s “Luke Cage” received the ’90s sitcom treatment this week when YouTuber Zach Ace pieced together scenes from the series to create a “Family Matters”-inspired introduction.

Fans of both shows showed their love for the video by upvoting it to the front page of Reddit only four hours after it was published to the site. On YouTube, the clip has already accumulated nearly 21,000 views.

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Last month, Ace followed the same formula with “Avengers” footage, joining clips from the film together and playing “Full House”’s classic theme song “Everywhere You Look” in the background. The hilarious intro has since garnered over 997,796 views on YouTube.

When speaking with The Huffington Post, Ace said: “I created a similar video with the ‘Avengers’ and the ‘Full House’ intro before, and with the recent release of ‘Luke Cage’, I had to do the same for ‘Family Matters’!” “And come on, how could I resist making a Turkel joke!” he added.

Watch the side-by-side comparison video below.



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