With Showcase’s Beauty and the Beast having wrapped its second season (filming on the third begins this fall) Kristin Kreuk has found a way to keep herself busy: she’s hitting the stage.  It’s been a while for Kreuk but she’s excited because the show, Love Letters (by AR Gurney), has a special connection to her.  After travelling through Syria several years back with some friends, she befriended a couple who ended up being separated due to the violence within the country which triggered Kreuk’s creative juices.

“I started to think about that and how challenging it would be to be pulled apart in such a violent way. So I started writing these love letters between them – just as an exercise for myself and I told a co-star about it (Beauty and the Beast“s Sendhil Ramamurthy) and he told me about this play Love Letters and I read it and I loved it.”;

The play was initially written as an exercise by Gurney as he tested out his new typewriter. “[It’s] this amazing gorgeous story of these two people from when they’re like kids to adulthood and how their relationship comes together and comes apart,”; says Kreuk.

The play has been a smash on and off Broadway and now in Toronto, Kreuk and co-star Eric Johnson perform the two person play in a special limited four-night run with all proceeds going towards the Daily Bread Food Bank.  “When we were talking about doing the play we were like, ‘well we don’t want to do this… like we don’t need to make money off it,’ we want to do this for a purpose – to provide something and give something back to the community… they provide a lot of aid for a lot of people here.”;

Johnson meanwhile was thrilled to be chosen to play opposite Kreuk: “I was really happy they wanted me to be involved in this and getting to work with her again is just fantastic.”;

And despite having not been on stage for a while, Johnson knows what he gets out of being onstage opposed to being in front of the camera: “I think the most impactful thing is you feel your audience – you get an instant response from them and you can feed off of that.”; And if you think that Eric is nervous – guess again!  “It’d be weird to say nervous because this is my job [so] nervous no – excited – very excited to share this with people ’cause it’s a special little play.”;

Love Letters runs from July 17 to 20 at the Sidemart’s Theatrical Grocery in Toronto, tune into ET Canada tonight at 7:30 pm ET for more with Kristin and Eric!

– Jonathan Knox