Minnie Driver Reveals Sexual Assault As Teen, Tried To Fight Back

Minnie Driver described a nightmare of a vacation in Greece, where she was sexuality assaulted at age seventeen.

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Opening up on Siriux XM, she told radio host Pete Dominick how a guy made an aggressive advance on her: “I was on vacation in Greece, and this guy, kinda elbow-grabbed me, and said ‘You’re going to dance with me… I said ‘no’ and I pulled my arm away from him, and he grabbed me by the back of my hair. I tried to kick him, and then he punched me.”

Driver revealed that police were present at the venue, but were horribly indifferent to the man’s invasion of personal space: “The way [the police] presented it was ‘this guy was just having a good time and if you’d gone along with it, it would’ve been fine. If you’d just danced with him, you wouldn’t be in this position that you’re in now.'”

The 46-year-old English actress believes this is why women today are hesitant to speak up: “The times that you would sanction it, because you would believe when you’re young, when you’re 17, 18, you’re going out, the idea that unwanted male attention is something that you are supposed to put up with because it is somehow your role that a guy can come and touch you, he can put his hand way too far down the small of your back so that his hand is kind of going into your butt and that that’s alright… That you can be shepherded, herded, touched, mauled. I think young women, they’ve been belittled when they’ve said something.”

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Capping off her story with an important statement: “Whether it’s being manhandled, whether it’s being pushed around, or whether it’s actual physical aggression or indeed being raped — I know way too many women.”



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