‘Bachelorette Canada’ Recap: Overconfidence The Key To Success And Failure This Week

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t witnessed which suitors were sent home after this week’s rose ceremony in “The Bachelorette Canada” (0r will be watching from the West Coast, where still hasn’t aired), then look out because spoilers are coming.












Episode five continues Jasmine’s adventure in Quebec City with her potential romantic interests. The aftermath of Drew’s rivalry with Chris has a huge impact as one of the two play their cards right.

The show kicks off with a one-on-one helicopter date between Mike and Jasmine. They share a romantic kiss high in the sky and the chemistry is immediately apparent: “He’s a great kisser. I can feel this chemistry between us. It’s kind of off the charts actually,” the Bachelorette admits.

Things get a little complicated between the two, as they sit down to discuss aspects of their potential future together. Mike admits that he would need to stay in Winnipeg because of work, which doesn’t initially go over well with Jasmine. After chewing it on a little, however, the show’s star admits it would be nice to be closer to home —  much to Mike’s glee: “I want for us to fall in crazy love together.”

And he’ll have his opportunity, as Jasmine rewards him with a rose: “Mike and I deserve a chance to see where this goes.”

The episode’s first group date features the quartet of Thomas, Chris, Kevin P. and Mikhel dressed as lumberjacks… competing in a test of strength and persistence. All four contestants must complete three objectives in the least amount of time: Carrying a heavy long. chopping wood and hammering nails.

Kevin P. and Mikhel perform laughably on the first challenge, fumbling the log all over the place in an attempt to hoist it over their heads. Thomas blows through the challenge with a zen like demeanour; whereas Chris goes beast mode, fuelled by a determination to date Jasmine.

Things are looking neck and neck between total opposites Thomas and Chris, but the latter slips up hard on the hammer challenge and nails his own coffin so to speak. Thomas is your victor! In the show’s second one-on-one date, Jasmine is searching for a more personable side of Thomas — as opposed to the physical connection the two have had. Thomas passes the test with flying colours, showing off his personality (and his wicked pipes) by performing karaoke with a wine bottle. His winning vocals and natural charm earn him the show’s second rose.

The second and final group date of the show may arguably have been the most intimate seen this season. Kevin W, Drew and Benoit are invited on a special spa date with Jasmine, but there’s a catch. The three suitors will take turns performing one of three spa treatments — massage, manicure and pedicure — without speaking a word to Jasmine, who will be blindfolded.

Jasmine explains how she wants to feel the chemistry with each person, without distractions of words or preconceived notions. Up first is Drew, tasked with giving the Bachelorette a massage. It starts off awkward for both parties, but Jasmine notices and enjoys his gradually growing confidence.

Benoit follows up with a manicure and hand massage. While it starts off a tad aggressive, Benoit finds his comfort zone and it is clearly being well received. Just as things are ending on a high note, Benoit decides to pull a Benoit and suck Jasmine’s finger! She immediately laughs, instantly realizing who she is in the room with.

Finally it’s Kevin W’s turn, who immediately takes charge with the foot rub, oozing confidence with his hands. Jasmine is by far most receptive to Kevin’s efforts, audibly reacting and commenting on his strong hands: “The person giving this massage is saying he wants me.”

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Following the competition, the Bachelorette and three suitors jump into the hot tub together. Jasmine correctly guesses which person was responsible for with part of the challenge. Benoit almost immediately snags Jasmine away for some one-on-one time, hoping to show her a more emotional side of him. Unfortunately for the blonde, all he seemed interested in showing were his lips. The show’s resident “Frenchy” wanted to do nothing but french, regardless of how often Jasmine giggled, turned away or tried to change the subject.

Drew next stepped in, using his time to press reset on a confusing dynamic with Jasmine. She brought up the drama between Drew and Chris, telling the camera: “There’s some hesitation sitting down with him, just based on rumours that float around.”

Arguably the show’s biggest villain, Drew told the camera he had no intention of starting beef — but still took a shot at Chris: “I’m not here to compete with another guy, especially Chris, because he can’t compete.”

After clearing the air, Drew jumps right back into contention by planting a passionate kiss on Jasmine. She expresses relief over giving Drew a second chance. Meanwhile, Kevin W admittedly jealous by the spark between Jasmine and Drew, not bothering to ask the prize-girl for any alone time. Jasmine takes note, and ends up handing Drew a Rose. The next day, Drew’s cocky swagger is in full-effect as he walks into a room with the other guys wearing nothing but a blazer and short shorts.

Heading into the pre-rose ceremony, Mikhel makes the most of his short conversation with Jasmine: promising to get over the his camera-shyness and prove what he’s made of to Jasmine — they kiss.

While Drew had succeeded in recovering from last week’s drama with Chris, the Canadian inventor still has to prove himself as a suitor. Deciding to make a big move, he interrupts Kevin P. with the intention of planting a kiss on Jasmine and: “Laying it all out”.

He first gives Jasmine an envelope, inside were lyrics to his part in the show’s Reggae challenge weeks ago, which Jasmine had asked for. Clearly thrilled with her present, Chris goes in for the big smooch… and is horribly shut down: “It feels like it would be me doing it just because he is advancing, and I don’t think its fair to pretend that it’s there if it isn’t,” Jasmine explains — meanwhile Drew is laughing it up.

Going into the rose ceremony Drew, Thomas and Mike are all safe. Mikel, Kevin W and Benoit are each awarded a rose. It’s down to Kevin P and Chris, but despite his confidence the latter is sent home. Visibly upset, the Canadian inventor says goodbye to his fellow suitors and has one last encounter with Jasmine, who says: “You’re an amazing person, you know that right?”

The camera rides with Chris as he leaves the show, emotional and complaining: “Why is it the nice guys that seem to always lose?” Back inside, Jasmine and the suitors celebrate news that they’ll be heading to Morocco next week!




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