Exclusive: Rick Astley’s Daughter Helped Him Understand ‘Rickrolling’

Rick Astley is back in the spotlight with his first album in 23 years, “50″, and the ’80s icon is opening up about returning to pop in the digital age and how his daughter helped him through.

“Obviously the last couple of years have been interesting because of rickrolling and the things that have happened on the Internet,” Astley tells us in an exclusive sit-down.

In a world dominated by social media and the Internet, the singer adds sometimes you need a “very big instrument” to cut through it “and that’s obviously what rickrolling has been a little bit of!”

Aside from embracing his internationally recognized meme (which, for the record, has helped his “Never Gonna Give You Up” video get to over 250 million views) the 50-year-old is ready and waiting to get back into the spotlight.

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Opening up about his fans, Astley says it was the social media pressure that led him to believe that making a new record might not be such a bad idea!

“Even though they want the old ones, they very often say ‘make a new record’ and if enough people do that you see it enough on Facebook and Twitter you start to genuinely believe there’s a small percentage who want a new record!” he tells ET Canada.

And that’s just what he did. Astley’s new album debuted at number one on the UK charts back in August and he’s hoping to reproduce that success here in North America.



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