Whoopi Goldberg Launches ‘Ugly’ Holiday Sweater Collection

After taking front row seats at Hood by Air, Gypsy Sport and J. Crew this past New York Fashion Week, Whoopi Goldberg is ready to unveil the reason behind her string of appearances at some of the most popular shows of fashion month. The comedian is dipping her toe into the fashion world with a new capsule collection of unique festive sweaters.

The comedian, who is well-known for her quirky style and fearless looks, is dipping her toe into the fashion world with a new capsule collection of unique holiday sweaters.

From a yarmulke-wearing octopus to a Christmas tree with a “Charlie Brown complex,” Goldberg’s quirky humour is infused throughout the nine-piece collection.

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While speaking with Vogue Goldberg explains to the magazine how the collection came about. “I love what we call an ‘ugly Christmas sweater.’ I have been wearing them over the years on the show. I once said to my work partner, ‘Maybe I should design some ugly Christmas sweaters,’ and he told our friend Gary Wassner [CFDA advisory board member], who ran with the ball,” Goldberg recalls. “The next thing I knew, I designed 13 and 14 of them.”


As for Goldberg’s set of holiday sweater rules, she reveals to the fashion Bible that she’s “old school” when it comes to debuting her festive wear. “I won’t break them out until December 1. For me, you get out of the turkey’s way; you take a breather,” she adds.

Goldberg’s collection of holiday sweaters hits Lord & Taylor stores in late October — just in time for your annual ugly Christmas sweater party!



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