Cara Delevingne Admires Angelina Jolie For Transforming ‘Pain Into Power’

Angelina Jolie has millions of fans throughout the world, but who knew one of her biggest admirers was none other than Cara Delevingne?

The actress/model took to Instagram to post a photo of the “Maleficent” star, writing in the caption that her “admiration for Angelina Jolie is endless” and explaining she admires “anyone who transforms their pain into power.”

But that was just the beginning as the “Suicide Squad” star listed some of Jolie’s various accomplishments that have earned such admiration.

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“I admire unruly activists,” writes Delevingne. “I admire her continued involvement with the UN as a goodwill ambassador.”

She adds: “She is ruthless, determined and unforgiving in her efforts to make a difference for Refugees. She also inspires me to follow my dreams into acting and have higher goals of one day becoming a director. I have chosen her as my #GirlHero today!”

Jolie is not Delevingne’s only #GirlHero; earlier that same day, she posted a photo of trailblazing feminist icon Gloria Steinem, praising her for her perseverance in “her fight for gender and race equality.”




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