Gord Downie Opens Up About Living With Terminal Cancer: ‘I’m Resigned To The Direction This Is Heading’

To promote his new project “Secret Path”, The Tragically Hip’s front man Gord Downie sat down for a revealing interview with CBC News anchor Peter Mansbridge of “The National”.

With the full interview slated to air tomorrow, CBC has released a short excerpt from the interview, in which Downie admits that his terminal brain cancer is resulting in some severe memory loss, to the point that he sometimes forgets the names of his own children.

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Memory used to be his “forte,” he admits to Mansbridge. “And now I can’t remember hardly anything. I have, I have Peter written on my hand. I have things written, a few things written on my hands. And I say that, just to be up front. ‘Cause I might call you Doug.”

At age 52, Downie says he can see the end approaching, and he’s made his peace with that. “I am resigned to the direction this is heading, yes I am,” he says. “I really am and because I can see it and feel it doing some, not doing some good, but it’s creating, it’s creating something.”

The entire interview will air on Thursday’s edition of “The National”.



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