WATCH: The Weeknd Releases Visuals for Intense Music Video “False Alarm”


Yesterday The Weeknd surprised fans by sending out a vague tweet saying,“Tomorrow … A Gritty Story. Parental Advisory” accompanied by something resembling a horror movie poster, suggesting a new video was afoot.

As promised the gritty music video has dropped.  The uptempo song tells the story of an unnamed woman who is labelled a “false alarm” due to her materialistic and manipulative ways.  The music video, directed by Ilya Naishuller, plays out more like a short film, with a chaotic bank heist and kidnapping comprising the plot. The R&B superstar goes unseen throughout the intense music video but makes a brief appearance during the film’s climactic end.

Earlier this month the Canadian Crooner recently performed both “False Alarm” and the lead single off his third studio album of the same name “Starboy”  on SNL’s season premiere. The album is due to be released on November 25th. Check out the video for “False Alarm” below:



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