After setting her sights on Marvel’s Squirrel Girl earlier this summer, Anna Kendrick is now putting her hat in the race for Batman’s Robin.

The actress joins her “The Accountant” co-star Ben Affleck for a mock press junket with MTV News where things get very weird, very quickly.

After praising Affleck for his courageous stunts and fight scenes, the “Pitch Perfect” star quickly changes the topic of conversation to her love of blockbusters. “Can I say what has two thumbs and loves superhero movies?” Kendrick asks. “This guy. Love it. Love them. ‘Put down the school bus, Doctor Disaster!’”

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“Holy coincidence, Batman! Any room for a plucky sidekick?” she asks Affleck, who is slated to direct a new Batman movie in which he’ll star.

And if Kendrick’s heavy hinting wasn’t enough, the 31-year-old star dons Robin’s classic outfit to drive her point home.

Then, inspired by Kendrick’s dreams to take on an action role, Affleck quickly switches the subject to his own childhood dreams of starring in “Annie” and takes a sharp and awkward turn in the interview that no one saw coming.

With the Twitterverse eating up the news, another recent addition to the DC Comics Universe is voicing his opinion.

Joe Manganiello caught up with his “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” co-star at the Mohegan Sun Comedy All-Star Gala and basically endorsed her for the role.

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