The New York Police Department has denied reports of gunfire near the New York City set of “Shades of Blue”.

“There was no actual shooting, people in the nearby area just heard the sounds of production going on,” the NYPD told Entertainment Tonight.

According to police, the reported sound of gunfire can be attributed to either the show filming or playback video of a shooting scene that prompted local residents — who mistook the sound for real gunfire — to call the police.

Reports of a shootout began surfacing on Wednesday after a group of men were spotted brawling near the series’ Bedford-Stuyvesant set.

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Sources told Just Jared that six gunshots allegedly rang out shortly after the men took part in the altercation. NYPD then “stormed” the scene where gunshots were heard.

A second incident occurred when star Kathryn Kates arrived on set in the afternoon. “I arrived late in the day around 4:30 and there were police cars when I arrived—and I was told there had been gunshots—but I don’t know what happened with that,” Kates told Deadline. The actress would face a second interruption later that evening.

“I was sent to hair and makeup and then, hours later while very dark, I was inside my trailer with a woman named Tracey from wardrobe. We heard a commotion outside, then banging on my door and female voices pleading to let them in. Tracey opened the door and quickly locked it – the 2 PA’s rushed in saying they were being threatened and, had she not locked the door, whomever was outside would have gotten in. The people outside started banging on my door.”

“I was about to call 911 but they were already on the walkie talkies with the producers and security, and within 5 minutes, we were escorted to a van and taken to a trailer closer to the set,” Kates added.

All cast and crew have been reported as safe.

The second season of “Shades of Blue” returns to Global in 2017.