Trump Supporter Jon Voight Wants To Make America Great Again, Slams De Niro (Again) In Anti-Hillary YouTube Rant

“My dear fellow Americans,” begins Jon Voight in a just-released video in which he outlines why America is in crisis, explaining why only Donald Trump can save it.

“We are all feeling tremendous anxiety with only a few weeks until the election,” says the Oscar-winning “Ray Donovan” star. “This will be the most important election in American history. We were once a country of freedom, and now we’re becoming a country of tyranny.”

In the three-minute video, Voight also slams actors such as Robert De Niro and other Hollywood Clinton supporters.

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“Robert De Niro is a millionaire, as are so many of our Hollywood stars who are voting for Hillary, and have absolutely no tolerance for anyone of a different opinion,” he continues, “forgetting that that is what our country is founded on: freedom of choice.”

While most of Hollywood has been coming out in support of Hillary Clinton, Voight is proudly pro-Trump.

“May God protect the real truth,” he concludes, “and may Donald Trump win this presidency. He will save our America, and he will certainly make it great again.” Watch:



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