Watch: Is Donald T. Rump In ‘Funny Or Die’ Music Video

After all the headlines made from the leaked audio between Donald Trump and Billy Bush recently, rapper and “Funny or Die” have come together to make us laugh with their parody track, “GRAB’m by the P***Y.” stars as “Donald T. Rump” and is joined by fellow Black Eyed Peas member and Liane V (and also Mittens the cat).

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The “Scream and Shout” rapper does his best parody of Donald Trump on the track, mocking the leaked conversation between Trump and currently suspended “Today” personality Billy Bush.

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The parody ends with acknowledging that he clearly doesn’t pass as Trump. He then goes on to say that he feels Trump is not fit for president and endorses Hillary Clinton, pleading for viewers to vote for the right candidate, “We need a leader that will not only lead America but help heal the world.”

Watch the video below:




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