Jon Hamm And Jimmy Fallon Goof On ’90s Soap Operas In Wacky ‘Tonight Show’ Sketch

Before Jon Hamm hit it big as booze-swilling, adulterous ad exec on “Mad Men”, he was toiling away as one of the stars of 1990s soap opera “In the Dust of Night” — or at least that’s the wacky premise of a sketch from last night’s “Tonight Show”.

“I might be stating the obvious, but it’s pretty much the reason I got ‘Mad Men’,” deadpanned Hamm before showing the faux clip from the imaginary daytime drama, with Hamm and host Jimmy Fallon over-acting to the extreme as they’re thrust into all manner of extremely dramatic circumstances.

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And because that’s not weird enough, the soap’s director had a pet turtle that would ride around the set in a remote-controlled toy car, occasionally driving into the scene. Watch



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