Prince Harry Denies Calling British Troops Investigation ‘A Joke’

Prince Harry’s Communications Secretary has issued a statement on behalf of the Royal denying he shared his views on the work of the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) — a British organization tasked with reviewing and investigating allegations of abuse made by Iraqi civilians by armed forces.

The statement is a response to a front-page report published in Monday’s The Sun.

The newspaper’s source was quoted as saying that Prince Harry was “furious at the treatment of some British troops” and “frustrated” that he could not intervene into IHAT’s investigation.

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“He thinks the whole thing is a joke and is very concerned about the support these men and women are getting,” the source continued.

“Prince Harry is passionate about work to support veterans and it will be a cause he champions for the rest of his life,” a statement released by his secretary Jason Knauf read. “He will always have been proud to have worn an Army uniform and knows first-hand the sacrifices servicemen and women make to protect their country.”

Prince Harry served as an Army officer for a decade and was deployed twice to Afghanistan.

Knauf adds that Prince Harry had not discussed the investigation with anyone. “Prince Harry was painted positively by the paper in this story, but thinks it’s only fair that people know the facts. He has not expressed views on this topic to anyone and he does not believe it would have been appropriate for a member of The Royal Family to have done so,” the statement continued. “Prince Harry does not comment on issues like this because to do so would actually undermine his ability to support veterans both in the UK and overseas.”



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