‘Price Is Right’ Sees First-Ever Three-Way Tie When All Contestants Hit $1,000 In Wheel Spin

Anyone competing on “The Price Is Right” who’s lucky enough to hit $1,000 when spinning the iconic wheel is the envy of all game-show contestants, but what are the odds of two contestants hitting $1,000 in the same show?

Actually, scratch that. How about the chances of three contestants doing it in the same show?

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The odds must be beyond astronomical, yet that’s precisely what happened on today’s edition of the long-running game show when all three contestants who took a turn spinning the wheel hit that hallowed number — and, even stranger, none of the three managed it on the first spin, but by combining two spins.

While only one of the contestants — Manfred — wound up advancing to the next round, the first contestant to hit the $1,000 served up an over-the-top, joyfully insane happy dance for the ages. Watch:




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