First Look: Alec Baldwin Plays Diabolical Infant In Animated ‘The Boss Baby’

Alec Baldwin was been receiving rave reviews for his hilarious impression of Donald Trump on “SNL” (with the notable exception of Trump himself, who tweeted that the portrayal “stinks”), and apparently the former “30 Rock” star has a knack for portraying megalomaniac moguls.

In fact, today brought a first look at one of Baldwin’s upcoming projects, “The Boss Baby”, in which he voices a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying infant whose arrival disrupts the life of his older brother (voiced by Tobey Maguire).

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The 3D animated film features the voice talents of Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow as the Boss Baby’s parents, with Steve Buscemi playing a CEO whose dastardly plot the Boss Baby and his seven-year-old brother must stop.

“The Boss Baby” is set to hit theatres on March 31, 2017. Watch this sneak peek:



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