Mel Gibson Opens Up About Rebuilding His Life And Career: ‘I’ve Got 10 Years Of Sobriety Under My Belt’

Once one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men, Mel Gibson had a very fast fall and very public fall from grace after his much-publicized DUI arrest in 2006, which made headlines around the world for the actor’s drunken anti-Semitic remarks.

A decade later, Gibson is basking in the acclaim for his latest directorial effort, “Hacksaw Ridge”, and credits Alcoholics Anonymous with helping him take his life back from the clutches of addiction.

“I am a member of [the] 12-step program and I achieved sobriety like that,” Gibson tells Australia’s “Sunday Night” in a candid new interview. “I’ve got 10 years of sobriety under my belt.”

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He also opens up about his subsequent scandal, when a conversation with then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was leaked, in which the furious “Mad Max” star uses an array of derogatory language — including the N-word.

“Imagine the worst moment you have even had being recorded and broadcast to the world, and it wasn’t meant to be public. You didn’t stand on a soapbox and do it, but that’s what happens,” he explains, adding: “For other people it is called a nervous breakdown, for me it is something else. I don’t even know what they called it.”

Despite his decade of sobriety, he says the media continues to question whether he’s actually on the wagon.

“It is disheartening when you’ve been 10 years dry, on the wagon — sober — and you have to read every year or so that you’re loaded,” he told Channel 7. “That’s disappointing because it’s like a public notice that you’re loaded, but you’re not. It’s a disingenuous reportage.”




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