‘Bachelorette Canada’ Recap: Jealousy And Deception Revealed In Morocco

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet seen the drama of this week’s edition of “The Bachelorette Canada”, then look out because there WILL be spoilers. 












This week finds Jasmine and the remaining fellas in Morocco, where all the men are feeling like they’re just not getting enough alone time with the woman of honour — some more than others.

Benoit, for example, is in the catbird seat this week, selected as the lucky guy who gets to go on a one-on-one date, and Jas admits she’s anxious to get the “little French firecracker” all to herself because “he is the most fun person to hang out with.”

Still, Jas has questions, admitting that while they’ve clicked on the physical level, she’s uncertain whether they’ll connect on “the soul level” — although after their date (which involves bellydancers!) she thinks she can see a future with the Montreal native.

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But there are more dates to get through, including a two-on-one date with a twist: one man will receive a rose, the other will be sent home immediately.

The date is in the middle of the Moroccan desert (Jasmine rides there on a camel!), but it’s not so much a date as an interrogation, with Jas quizzing each of the men — Thomas and Mike — individually until she makes the tearful decision to send home Thomas, feeling his travel-filled life as a model just doesn’t offer the stability she’s seeking.

And Jasmine still had one more date, this time a four-way group date with Kevin W., Kevin P., Mikhel and Drew, and, as with the previous date, Jasmine has questions for all of them.

So what happened during the individual interrogation sessions? Mikhel is starting to come out of his shell, and Jas likes what she’s seeing. Vancouver deckhand Kevin P. did not make much more of an impression than he already had, but didn’t screw up either. Devious Drew (who admits he’s a “confident pr*ck”) uses his time to use his salesman skills on her, but Jas is finally starting to see through him.

“Drew talks about himself a lot,” she says. “I find that in every conversation he’s just presenting a monologue… I don’t know how any kind of connection is possible when there’s no conversing going on.”

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Kevin W., on the other hand, does have a connection with Jasmine, but seems to think he’s already won, and basically treats Jas like she’s his girlfriend.

This bites him in the butt when Jasmine hands out her date rose… to Mikhel, which irks jealous Kevin W. to no end, assuming it should have gone to him.

He makes a huge tactical error by confronting Jasmine right before the rose ceremony, telling her that not receiving the rose was “a slap in the face for me.”

Jas was not pleased. “There is one rose and there’s a bunch of you, and everyone else is very courteous about it, and they allow me to give the rose to who I feel deserves it, because you guys aren’t there during the conversations,” she says. “It’s not about who I like the best… it’s not like I have crappy conversations with everyone else and I have good conversations with you, and you deserve the rose every time. You can’t just expect that I’m going to give the rose to you and have a hissy fit about it if I don’t.”

And with that, Kevin W. realizes the connection he thought was so special isn’t that special after all, with Jasmine telling him: “I am extremely disappointed.”

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But when it came time for the rose ceremony, Kevin P. received a rose, and, after a dramatic pause, so did Kevin W.

This meant Drew was going home, and to say he was displeased is an understatement. “A whole bunch of other guys getting roses for being not as nervous as they were when they started the show,” he sums up in his exit interview. “That’s pretty f***ing stupid, isn’t it? It’s pretty f***ing stupid.”

Drew even had a few choice words for the show’s producers. “Mark my words. Your ratings after this episode — done!” he rants before storming out, proudly extending his middle finger as he leaves.

The producers have one final question for Drew before he bolts: would he like to be the next “Bachelor Canada”? “Yes,” he answers with a sly smile.

“The Bachelorette Canada” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network. In addition, stay tuned after the show for “The Bachelorette Canada After Show” (airing at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT) in which Jennifer Valentyne and ET Canada’s Erin Cebula break down all the drama in tonight’s episode.



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