Chandler Dies, Returns As A Ghost In Weirdest ‘Friends’ Episode You’ve Never Seen

Remember that episode of “Friends” when Chandler was hit by an ice-cream truck, dragged for 19 blocks and then died, only to come back as a ghost whose wry wisecracks fall on the deaf ears of his former pals, who can’t hear him in the spirit realm?

Of course you don’t, because it never happened — until now.

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In fact, the bizarre concept is the result of an intricate feat of mash-up video editing to create “The One Where Chandler Dies…”, in which the Central Perk gang mourn the loss of their beloved pal — could it be any sadder?

But don’t despair — a happy ending awaits when the magic of the holidays enables them to see Chandler one more time before bidding him a fond, final farewell — or do they? Watch:



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