Tom Cruise Talks Vomit-Inducing ‘Top Gun’ Training

Tom Cruise may have carved a career out of high-octane stunts, but high elevation was not always so kind to the actor. 

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While on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Monday night, the 54-year-old actor recalled a literally vomit-inducing incident he had on a plane during training for the film: “For our first flight in the morning, we were going really hard, moving around… I had a vomit bag right here, so in between takes I leaned down to quickly empty my guts in the bag.”

And that’s when things took a turn for the worse: “The second I did that, [the pilot ‘Bozo’] pulls up.” 

Cruise couldn’t hold his lunch down or let it out: “My head was literally on the ground from the pressure. I was pressed on the floor, holding my vomit. I kept going ‘Bozo! Bozo!’ I was choking, and he just kept pulling up and up. Finally he released, and we were going straight ahead.”

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So what did the actor learn from his first day of “Top Gun” training? “I was like, ‘Bozo, what’s the matter with you, man? Didn’t you see my head was on the floor?’ He was like, ‘Well I told you, they don’t call me Bozo for nothing.’”



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