SPOILER ALERT: Anyone who has yet to witness what went down in the latest episode of “The Bachelorette Canada” should stop reading NOW, because spoilers lie ahead.













Jasmine and the men are still in Morocco, but there’s a very different vibe among the final five guys after Drew was sent home last week. “The dynamic is very different” says Mikhel, adding: “The entire villa is quiet.”

Of course, the remaining men are desperate — desperate! — to get some alone time with Jas, and the first guy to achieve that is Kevin W., who is selected to accompany Jasmine on this week’s first one-on-one date. Not only do the pair explore traditional Berber culture, they also have a chance to pick up the pieces after last week’s spat, and they emerge from the date with their romance renewed. “When I look into Jasmine’s eyes it’s something I’ve never really felt before,” says Kevin W.,  gushing about the “intense chemistry” the two share.

The week’s second solo date went to Kevin P, who finally gets to spend some private time with Canada’s Bachelorette, complaining that their “initial connection was so strong, but we haven’t had much of a chance to connect since then.” The pair has a blast while rock climbing, but things ironically go downhill when they reach the mountaintop and have a heart-to-heart in which Jas admits she needs more stability than what the Vancouver deckhand can offer right now.

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“Is this a fork in the road or the end of the road?” ask Kev, and Jasmine’s answer comes quickly. It’s the end of the line for Kevin P., who leaves Morocco (and the show) immediately after the date.

Mike, Mikhel and Benoit are invited on a group date, but receive an unpleasant surprise while waiting for Jasmine in the market when host Noah Cappe shows up instead, informing them that Jas has cancelled the date but does want to spend some private time with each of them to ask some questions.

During the chats, Benoit reveals he’s still not certain that what he’s feeling for Jasmine is reciprocated, and needs to hear more from her about that. Meanwhile, Jasmine reveals she can really see a future with Mike — but isn’t so jazzed about moving to Winnipeg. As for Mikhel, he tells Jas that “I am falling for you hard,” but Jasmine isn’t saying a whole lot about whether those feelings are mutual.

Then the men get another surprise when Jas cancels the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, leading the four remaining men with no opportunity to meet with her prior to handing out the roses as next week’s hometown visits loom.

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“Morocco has been an incredible experience,” says Jas at the start of the rose ceremony. “I’ve enjoyed every second of getting to know you guys, and as always I’m so grateful that you’re here. I feel like you’ve all really embraced this experience. With hometowns coming up next week, I have been forced to look at things a little more deeply, and I’ve had to challenge myself to look not only at who I have a future potential with, but with who I have forever potential with. Going home to meet your families is not something I take lightly at all. It’s a big reason why I’ve come to the decision that I have tonight.”

And then came rose time, with the first flower going to to Mikhel, and the second to Kevin (who we no longer have to call Kevin W. now that Kevin P. has departed). The final rose of the evening went to Mike, which means Benoit is heading back to Montreal.

Before he leaves, Benoit shares a tearful farewell with Jas. “I wasn’t expecting to feel like this,” admits Benoit in his exit interview. “It’s probably the toughest thing I’ve ever faced… I wish I had been the one.”

Next week promises the most dramatic episode yet as Jasmine accompanies the final three men to their hometowns to meet their families.

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