The Internet Can’t Decide If This Is A Photo Of Tom Hanks Or Bill Murray

It’s another perplexing photo Internet debate – this time it’s a photograph that looks like it could either be Tom Hanks or Bill Murray.

Sparking online discussion reminiscent of “the dress” back in 2015, social media seems unable to decide whether a 2013 photo depicts Hanks or Murray. In it, the actor – whichever one you think it is – is seen mimicking a crying child in a photo.


Three years ago, Laura DiMichele-Ross posted a photo of Bill Murray holding her crying son to the Facebook group “Reasons My Son Is Crying.” DiMichele-Ross confirms that it is a photo of Murray snapped while in Scotland, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from doing a double-take when it comes to the hilarious photo.

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While this time the viral photo is actually of Murray, Hanks also has a few sensational social media photos under his belt.

The actor recently crashed a couple’s wedding photoshoot in Central Park, snapping a selfie with the bride and groom which he shared on Twitter.



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