Ben Affleck Urges Swing State Voters To Hit The Polls In ‘Funny Or Die’ Video

With the U.S. presidential election less than two weeks away, Ben Affleck is using his voice to encourage voter turnout in a new PSA for Funny Or Die.

In the video, which contains NSFW language, Affleck — or, as he’s known in the video, “Benny ‘The Sweet One’ O’Callaghan” — urges voters in the swing state of New Hampshire to exercise their right in the Nov. 8 election by highlighting all the things he loves about their state.

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“Have you ever been to New Hampshire?” the 44-year-old asks in the video through a thick Boston accent. “It’s f***ing beautiful, guy!”

Among Benny’s favourite New Hampshire activities? Hiking Mount Monadnock, going for “romantic” fall drives with his buddies, and registering to vote.

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Despite calling the current presidential race “a bigger disaster than the New York Knicks,” the actor stresses the importance of going to the polls. “All of New England is counting on you,” he concludes.

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