‘American Idol’ Winner Taylor Hicks Survives Terrifying Mid-Air Engine Explosion On Flight: ‘Our Lives Flashed Before Our Eyes’

Taylor Hicks is feeling grateful to be alive after the airplane on which season-five winner of “American Idol” was flying blew an engine mid-air, leading to some terrifying moments for everyone onboard.

As Hicks tells TMZ, “two of the pistons blew, oil went everywhere, and the engine stopped, and the rotor blade just stopped in mid-air. I just thought to myself, ‘What can you do?’ Because you’re absolutely helpless in this situation because we lost a complete engine.”

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Luckily, he adds, they were flying in a twin-engine private aircraft and could rely on the remaining engine, but that didn’t prevent him and the rest of the passengers feeling like this was it.

“My life, and all of our lives kind of flashed before our eyes a little,” admits the singer who enthralled “Idol” viewers with his “Soul Patrol” shout-outs. “And we were just very thankful and very blessed that we had a wonderful, graceful, amazing pilot who was able to handle this situation.”

Says Hicks of the landing: “It was literally unbelievable how he sat that plane down, from going from two engines to one engine,” he says, adding: “I couldn’t believe it. It was literally like something out of a movie.



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