Adele Professes Love For Hillary Clinton, And The Feeling Is Mutual: ‘I’m A Huge Fan Of Hers’

Adele has come out to profess that she’s a huge admirer of Hillary Clinton — and the feeling is mutual.

During a recent concert, Adele chatted with the crowd about the upcoming presidential election. “I am English, but what happens in America affects me too,” she said. “Don’t vote for [Donald Trump], that’s all I’m saying.

She added: “I can’t vote, but I am 100 per cent for Hillary Clinton. I love her, she’s amazing.”

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Clinton was making an appearance on Mark Thompson’s Sirius XM radio show when she was informed of Adele’s comments, and the Democratic nominee admitted her fandom.

“I went to the Adele concert after we finished our day of campaigning in Florida and I was stunned and thrilled because I’m a huge fan of hers,” said Clinton, “and it meant a lot to me that she said something so positive.”

Less impressed was her opponent, who had a few choice words to share about Clinton’s love-in with Adele. “I think it’s so unfair because, you know, Hillary Clinton goes to see an Adele concert last night, and everybody says, ‘Oh, wasn’t that nice. Isn’t that wonderful?’” Trump told ABC News; George Stephanopoulos. “Nobody complains when she goes to an Adele concert all night long, while I’m making two speeches at rallies with, you know, massive crowds.”

In other Clinton campaign news, a meme has been making the rounds throughout the Internet goofing on her attire for the three presidential debates, posting side-by-side comparisons of the candidate with Tupac Shakur, Suge Knight and Snoop Dogg, joking that she’s resurrecting the fashion choices worn by stars of Death Row Records back in the day.

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Appearing this morning on “The Breakfast Club” on NYC’s Power 105.1, host Charlamagne Tha God brought up the memes, causing the former Secretary of State to crack up.

“I think Death Row and a lot of other fashion sources have influenced my look, don’t you?” she joked.



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