Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Holds Press Conference Dressed As Harry Potter: ‘I’m Definitely a Wizard’

Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman would fit right in at Hogwarts.

The 28-year-old cornerback conducted a press conference while dressed as Harry Potter on Wednesday, even taking questions about being a wizard.

“When you’re a wizard like we are out here, sometimes you have to show it to the Muggles out in the world,” the athlete said, after walking out on stage to the “Harry Potter” theme song.

He’s not the only one on the team who has an alter-ego.

“We’ve got a lot of wizards — my son’s a wizard, Earl Thomas does some magical things, Michael Bennett is Black Santa but he’s also a wizard — so you know, you just have a good time.”

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Sherman explained his costume, saying the get-up came as a request from his young son.

“My son told me he wanted me to wear something, so it’s happening. It’s happening,” he told the press, according to People.


A profile on the athlete in a 2014 New York Times article revealed he was a Harry Potter superfan, who read each of the books and attended the midnight screenings of each new film.  For Sherman, football has a lot in common with the wizarding game of choice, Quidditch.

“Five quarters of football is pretty tough, but Quidditch — the beaters, the chasers, trying to find the golden snitch, things like that — that’s tough,” he said during the press conference. “Five quarters of football, though, in the elements, I’d say that’d take the cake.”

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Sunday’s grueling football game took a toll on Sherman, who despite the tough game, is still feeling very wizard-y.

“Well, I’m definitely a wizard, so if you’re asking if I feel like a Muggle again, I don’t,” he answered. “But I started feeling better probably around late yesterday, last night, just getting more fluids in me and more energy, legs started getting back under me.”




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