Ellen DeGeneres Sends Producer Into Haunted House — So She Can Watch Him Freak Out In Terror

“Halloween is one of my favourite times of year,” proclaimed Ellen DeGeneres in today’s edition of her daytime talk show, explaining her love of the spooky holiday has nothing to do with candy or costumes — but because it’s the one time of year she can send her skittish executive producer Andy Lassner into a haunted house.

For yet another year, Lassner — this time accompanied by his assistant Jacqueline — is sent into Universal Studios’ Horror Night haunted house, which this year has an “Exorcist” theme.

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In a clip of Lassner’s visit, the exec producer is seen trying to steel himself for the horrors that lay waiting in the darkness, cautioning Jacqueline to “Look for the feet. Sometimes you can tell by the feet. Just know it’s coming, and then it’s not scary.”

Good advice, although it fails to work for Lassner when a masked monster pops out and they both scream in terror.

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Lassner also lets his fear get the better of his chivalry, at one point shoving Jacqueline in front of him and instructing: “You go first. I’m an executive producer.”

Jacqueline replies: “You go first! Can you please be a man?” Watch:



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