Say His Name: Bryan Cranston Puts A Heisenberg Spin On Little Mix’s ‘Shoutout To My Ex’

Even though U.K. girl group Little Mix is comprised entirely of females, what would their sound be like if they added a guy to the group? And not just any guy — let’s say a megalomaniacal drug lord (and former high school science teacher) who’ll stop at nothing while building his blue meth empire?

That question was answered definitively when Bryan Cranston stopped by BBC Radio 1 and performed a dramatic reading of Little Mix’s “Shoutout to My Ex,” transforming the pop song’s lyrics into a grim, world-weary elegy as he channeled Walt White’s “Breaking Bad” alter ego Heisenberg.

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Further proof that there is literally nothing that can’t be made better by adding a little Bryan Cranston. Say his name! And watch this:



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