Niall Horan And James Corden Star In Hilariously Sexy Halloween Music Video

James Corden has made no secret of his boy-band ambitions during his youth, and on last night’s edition of “The Late Late Show” he got to live out his fantasies by appearing in a faux music video with One Direction’s Niall Horan.

Titled “Candy”, the video sees the pair dressing up in various Halloween costumes while singing a sultry, slow-groove song that puts a sexy spin on trick or treating by using the names of different candy as sexual innuendo.

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“Girl, when you break me off a Kit Kat, I’m gonna make your Tootsie Pop,” sings Horan, while Corden (dressed like an astronaut) croons: “I’m Captain Sugar Daddy, ’cause I’m about to Starburst.”

Yes, it gets weirder from there. Watch:



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