Rachel McAdams Shares The Love For ‘Strange’ Co-Star Benedict Cumberbatch

In case you haven’t been introduced to the Internet’s boyfriend, his name is Benedict Cumberbatch and he stars in the latest installment of the Marvel comic universe, “Doctor Strange” alongside Canada’s sweetheart, Rachel McAdams.

McAdams had her fair share of heartthrob co-stars, but the actress shares with Rick Campanelli that Cumberb**ches are the real deal.

“The ladies do like the Cumberbatch,” McAdams shares with Rick. Adding that during the press tour for the film she’s had “a lot of my women picking my brain about him.”

But maintains the club doesn’t discriminate, “men are Cumberb**ches too.”

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Aside from dishing about Cumberbatch, who apparently made for a mean blooper reel in the film, McAdams also opens up about Tilda Swinton in the film, explaining to Rick why she wished she had more scenes with her.

“I really love what Tilda did with The Ancient One,” she says. Adding, “we only got one tiny scene together, so I would love to see them spend a little more time on screen together.”

McAdams also steps out of the Marvel universe to address rumours about whether or not her cult classic film “Mean Girls” will become a musical. “I am not super musical,” McAdams reveals to ET Canada, but adds she “can pretend to be” but would be totally down if there was “an ice skating part of it.”

Suggesting that maybe instead “Mean Girls” could hit the ice! So fetch.

And since “Doctor Strange” is so well known for his striking facial hair, we tested Rachel’s Marvel facial hair knowledge in honour of Movember!




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