Following his December 2015 arrest for possessing child pornography, Mark Salling was hit with accusations from a 22-year-old woman alleging the former “Glee” star raped her, but it doesn’t look like any charges will be filed.

According to TMZ, an unnamed 22-year-old woman alleges the incident happened four years ago. She claims she had been dating Salling for several months at the time, and had entered a bedroom with the mutual intention of having sex.

However, she claims she had second thoughts, and told Salling that “I can’t do this.” According to the police report she filed in April 2016, however, Salling refused to take no for an answer and forced himself on the unwilling woman, who reportedly told him she was a virgin.

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After examining the evidence, however, TMZ reports that the L.A. County District Attorney has rejected the case, “citing insufficient evidence, lack of corroboration and a four-year delay in reporting the alleged crime.” However, if additional evidence surfaces, the D.A. could potentially re-open the case.

Police arrested Salling this past December when they were tipped off by a former girlfriend that the actor’s laptop contained child pornography, with police forced to use a battering ram to enter his home when Salling refused to let them enter. Upon examining his laptop, investigators found thousands of pornographic images of children, as young as 10 years old.

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Salling is currently free on bail as he awaits trial, which was originally set for July but was subsequently delayed when Salling requested more time appoint a new attorney.